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In this scene from "The Big Short," Ryan Gosling sports a messy slicked-back hairstyle that adds a touch of modern sophistication to his overall appearance, perfectly complementing his portrayal of the savvy and ambitious Wall Street broker, Jared Vennett.

Discover the Best of Ryan Gosling’s Haircuts: 8 Iconic Cuts

Ryan Gosling is undoubtedly one of our generation’s most talented and charismatic actors. Over the past decade, he has delivered some of the most remarkable and unforgettable performances that have impacted our screens. 

Still, there’s something else about him that also catches our attention – his haircuts! Over the years, Gosling has tried out a wide variety of hairstyles, and it’s hard to deny that each one has been iconic in its own way. 

We will explore eight of his most amazing haircuts up to date:

The Buzz Cut

Ryan Gosling showed off his chiseled features with his buzz cut. The cut is simple and clean, with a uniform length all around. This look is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance hairstyle that’s easy to style.

The Slicked Back

The slicked-back look is a classic men’s hairstyle that never goes out of style. Ryan Gosling wore this look in the movie “Crazy, Stupid, Love.” He kept his hair long on top and slicked it back with a touch of gel or pomade.

The Shaggy Layers

Ryan Gosling’s hair in “The Notebook” was an absolute showstopper! He donned a classic shaggy layered hairstyle that oozed timelessness. So, get ready to turn heads with this stunning hairdo, just like Ryan did!

The Pines Grunge Cut

Whoa! Ryan Gosling’s hair in “The Place Beyond the Pines” was wild and untamed, giving him a grungy and rugged look that perfectly complemented his character’s edgy persona. His messy mane added to his rough-around-the-edges appeal.

The Soft Quiff

The quiff is a classic men’s hairstyle perfect for those who want a sophisticated and stylish look. Ryan Gosling wore this style in the movie “Drive.” The hair is kept long on top and styled into a voluminous soft quiff. The sides and back are kept short, giving the hairstyle a clean and polished look.

The Classic Crew Cut

A men’s hairstyle that stands the test of time, the classic crew cut is a low-maintenance and functional option for those seeking a realistic look. In the movie “First Man,” Ryan Gosling sported this style, featuring short hair on the sides and back with slightly longer locks on top.

The Layered and Wavy

The layered and wavy hairstyle has become a favored choice in men’s grooming for those aiming for a relaxed and casual look. Ryan Gosling donned this style in the movie “Lars and the Real Girl,” featuring choppy layers that leave the ends looking wispy and disheveled.

The Messy Slicked Back

Ryan Gosling had a messy slicked back hairstyle in the movie “The Big Short.” The haircut involved shorter sides and back, while the top was kept slightly longer, allowing for a sweeping, messy style that added a touch of sophistication to the overall appearance.

Ryan Gosling has worn some of the most iconic men’s hairstyles of the past decade. Whether looking for a classic, timeless look or a modern, edgy style, there’s a Ryan Gosling haircut for everyone. Which one will you try out?

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