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A young man with a curly faux hawk haircut with 3 stripes pattern on the side.

28 Best Faux Hawk Haircuts To Try Now!

Looking for a bold and edgy hairstyle that showcases your unique personality? Look no further than the faux hawk! This versatile haircut is a trendy alternative to the traditional mohawk, allowing you to flaunt your individuality while maintaining a touch of sophistication. 

This blog post presents 28 of the best faux hawk haircuts that will elevate your style game. From classic to modern, short to long, and everything in between, these haircuts are sure to inspire your next barbershop visit. Let’s dive in!

1. Classic Faux Hawk Haircut

We start our list with the timeless classic faux hawk. This haircut features short sides and a slightly longer strip of hair in the center, styled to create a subtle yet striking faux hawk effect. It’s a go-to option for those who want to embrace the style without going overboard.

2. Faux Hawk For Short Hair

Short hair doesn’t mean you can’t rock a faux hawk! This variation is designed for shorter hair lengths, with closely cropped sides and a neat, elevated center. It’s a low-maintenance option that adds an element of coolness to your overall look.

3. Slicked-Back Faux Hawk

Try the slicked-back version for a sophisticated take on the faux hawk. With neatly combed back sides and a raised center, this haircut offers a polished and refined appearance suitable for any formal occasion.

4. Half Faux Hawk

The half-faux hawk strikes the perfect balance between edgy and elegant. This haircut features a shorter, tapered side while the center retains slightly longer, creating a subtle faux hawk effect. It’s not a hairstyle for everyone, that’s for sure!

5. Voluminous Faux Hawk

If you already have a lot of hair, you can opt for a voluminous faux hawk. This haircut adds extra volume to the center, creating a dramatic, eye-catching look.

6. Spiky Faux Hawk With Low Fade

For an edgier look, consider the spiky faux hawk with a low fade. This haircut combines a spiked center with a gradual fade on the sides, resulting in a striking contrast.

7. Curly Faux Hawk With Undercut

Curly-haired individuals can embrace the faux hawk trend too! Pair your natural curls with an undercut for a unique and stylish look. The undercut enhances the shape and height of the faux hawk, while the curls add a touch of personality and texture.

8. High Volume Faux Hawk

Go big or go home! The high-volume faux hawk commands attention with its amplified height and fullness. This style features longer hair at the center, styled to achieve maximum volume, while the sides are kept short for a clean and sharp contrast.

9. Messy Faux Hawk

The messy faux hawk is the way to go for those who prefer a more carefree style. This haircut embraces texture and disheveled charm, with tousled hair at the center and loosely styled sides.

10. Skin Fade Faux Hawk

Combine the sleekness of a skin fade with the boldness of a faux hawk, and you get the skin fade faux hawk. This haircut features a clean-shaven side fade, seamlessly blending into the elevated center.

11. Bleached Punk Faux Hawk

Ready to channel your inner punk rocker? The bleached punk faux hawk adds an electrifying twist to the traditional style. With a vibrant bleached color applied to the center strip of hair, this haircut demands attention and pushes the boundaries of style.

12. Drop Fade Faux Hawk

The drop fade faux hawk is a fresh take on the classic fade. This haircut features a gradual fade that drops behind the ear, creating a unique and dynamic look. Paired with a styled center, this combination exudes contemporary charm.

13. Pompadour Faux Hawk

Merge two iconic styles, and you get the pompadour faux hawk. This haircut combines a pompadour’s suave sophistication with a faux hawk’s rebellious edge. The result is a stylish look perfect for formal occasions or nights out.

14. Bleached Pompadour Faux Hawk

The bleached pompadour faux hawk is a showstopper for those who crave an attention-grabbing style. With a bleached color applied to the pompadour section, this haircut takes the faux hawk to new levels of creativity.

15. Long and Curly Faux Hawk

Unleash your natural curls with the long and curly faux hawk. This haircut allows you to embrace your luscious locks, with longer curly hair at the center and shorter sides. It’s a striking and voluminous style that celebrates your unique texture.

16. Textured Faux Hawk

Add an element of intrigue to your faux hawk with textured layers. This haircut adds different lengths and texturizing techniques to create a visually captivating style. The textured faux hawk is a great choice for those who want to experiment.

17. Curly With 3 Stripes On The Side

Enhance your faux hawk with three bold stripes on the side. This style allows you to add uniqueness to your haircut. The combination of curls and distinctive stripes will turn heads wherever you go.

18. Afro Faux Hawk

Celebrate your natural Afro-textured hair with the Afro faux hawk. This haircut embraces the volume and texture of Afro hair, elevating it with a raised center and trimmed sides. The result is a striking and empowering style that showcases your heritage.

19. Precise Faux Hawk

Attention to detail is key with the precise faux hawk. This haircut emphasizes clean lines and sharp angles, creating a meticulously styled look.

20. Swirl Faux Hawk

Unleash your creativity with the swirl faux hawk. This unique haircut features a swirling pattern along the center strip of hair, adding an artistic touch to your style.

21. Pointy Faux Hawk

Make a sharp impression (pun intended) with the pointy faux hawk. This haircut focuses on shaping the center into a distinct, pointed style, resembling a hawk’s beak.

22. Short Bleached Faux Hawk

Combine the sleekness of a short haircut with the audacity of a bleached faux hawk. This style features a cropped center strip of hair, bleached to create a striking contrast with the natural hair color. It’s a modern and daring choice for those who love to push boundaries.

23. Faux Hawk With Pattern

Take your faux hawk to the next level with a unique pattern shaved into the sides. From geometric designs to intricate artwork, adding a pattern to your faux hawk offers a personalized touch and ensures your hairstyle is genuinely one-of-a-kind.

24. Layered Faux Hawk

Add depth and dimension to your faux hawk with layered cuts. This technique creates various lengths throughout the center, resulting in a multi-dimensional and visually captivating style. The layered faux hawk is perfect for those who want to stand out.

25. Faux Hawk For Medium Hair

Not too short, not too long—medium hair is ideal for experimenting with a faux hawk. This variation works with your hair’s natural length, featuring a moderately elevated center and styled sides.

26. Afro Faux Hawk With Braided Sides

For a stunning combination of Afro hair and intricate braids, try the Afro faux hawk with braided sides. This haircut features a raised center, while the sides are beautifully braided, adding a touch of cultural significance to your style.

27. Faux Hawk With Signature Line Pattern

Personalize your faux hawk with a signature line pattern. Whether a single line or a complex design, incorporating a signature pattern into your haircut showcases your individuality and sets you apart from the crowd.

28. Faux Hawk With Fish Gills Pattern

Add a touch of aquatic inspiration to your faux hawk with a fish gills pattern on the sides. This unique style features carefully shaved lines resembling the gills of a fish, infusing your haircut with creativity and a whimsical flair.

From classic and refined to bold and avant-garde, the faux hawk offers endless possibilities for those looking to express their style. Whether you prefer a sleek and sophisticated look or crave a daring and eye-catching haircut, these 28 best faux hawk haircuts serve as inspiration for your next trip to the barbershop. Get ready to turn heads and make a lasting impression wherever you go!

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