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Harry Styles is gazing directly at the camera, sporting a slick back hairstyle.

Harry Style’s Hair Evolution: 15 Memorable Looks

Harry Styles is undoubtedly one of the biggest style icons in the music world. While his fashion sense and musical prowess are often celebrated, his hair has also been a significant topic of conversation among fans and critics alike. The One Direction star-turned-solo artist has experimented with various haircuts and styles over the years, each of which has left a lasting impression. 

We’ll take a look at Harry Style’s hair evolution and highlight 15 of his most memorable looks.

The Messy Curls

Harry Styles first rose to fame as a One Direction member with his signature curly locks. This look was effortless yet undeniably stylish, setting the tone for his future hair transformations.

The Short Crop

In 2013, Harry shocked fans by cutting off his luscious locks in favor of a shorter, more manageable style. This sharp and edgy look helped cement Harry’s status as a fashion icon.

The Quiff

Shortly after the short crop, Harry experimented with a more structured look. The quiff featured a dramatic volume at the front of his hair, with shorter sides and a tapered back. This style was trendy during 2014 Where We Are tour.

The Man Bun

In 2014, Harry embraced the man bun trend and was spotted sporting the style several times. The look was effortless and gave him a more relaxed, bohemian vibe.

The Slick Back

Harry’s 2015 Met Gala appearance marked a turning point in his hair evolution. The singer opted for a slicked-back look that was both refined and sophisticated. This style helped to solidify his status as a true fashion icon.

The Long Hair

In 2016, Harry grew his hair again, this time opting for a longer, shaggier look. This style gave him a more laid-back, beachy vibe and was perfect for his solo music debut.

The Bowl Cut

In 2017, Harry shocked fans once again with a drastic hair transformation. He debuted a bowl cut that was equal parts retro and modern. This bold look helped to establish him as a true risk-taker when it comes to his hair.

The Pink Hair

In 2018, Harry showed off his playful side by dyeing his hair a vibrant shade of pink. This unexpected look was a hit among fans and helped to cement his reputation as a style icon who isn’t afraid to take risks.

The Shag

Harry’s 2019 album, Fine Line, was accompanied by a new hair transformation. The singer embraced the shag, a retro-inspired style that featured layers and choppy bangs. This look perfectly complemented his music’s nostalgic sound and earned him even more fashion accolades.

The Mullet

In 2020, Harry fully embraced the mullet trend, debuting a daring new divisive, and trend-setting hairstyle. This bold, unique look perfectly embodied Harry’s creative spirit.

The Bleached Hair

Harry’s 2020 “Watermelon Sugar” music video saw him with bleached hair, giving him an edgy, rockstar vibe. This look was a departure from his usual aesthetic and helped to showcase his versatility as a performer.

The Curly Bob

In 2021, Harry once again surprised fans with a new haircut, debuting a curly bob reminiscent of ’70s icons like David Bowie and Mick Jagger. This playful yet refined look perfectly embodied Harry’s eclectic sense of style.

The Bangs

Harry’s 2021 “Treat People with Kindness” music video saw him with a new hairdo featuring bangs. This look was a departure from his usual hair length and helped to showcase his ability to switch things up and try new styles.

The Braids

In 2021, Harry was spotted sporting a braided hairstyle while out and about in New York City. This look was a nod to his love for bohemian fashion and helped showcase his versatility in hair.

The Buzz Cut

Harry’s most recent hair transformation showed him shaving off his signature locks and debuting a buzz cut. This look was a departure from his usual styles and helped to showcase his willingness to experiment and try new things.

Harry Styles’ hair evolution has been nothing short of spectacular. From his early days as a curly-haired One Direction member to his current buzz cut, he has never been afraid to take risks and try new things. His hair transformations have helped solidify his status as a fashion icon and have inspired countless fans worldwide to experiment with their own hair. Here’s to many more memorable hairdos from Harry in the years to come.

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