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At a basketball game, Drake was spotted with cornrow braids, a rare hairstyle he has sported only a couple of times

10 Best Drake Haircuts Of All Time

Over the years, Drake’s hairstyles have evolved, and he has become somewhat of a trendsetter in the world of men’s grooming. His haircuts have ranged from short, clean fades to longer, curly afros. The rapper has been seen sporting different variations of buzz cuts, fades, and even long hair. Despite these changes, he has maintained a consistent style that is both timeless and fresh. This way, Drake’s haircuts have become a signature aspect of his overall image.

Below we have collected 10 of the best Drake haircuts that can inspire you for your next haircut.

Drake Signature Fade 

This is Drake’s signature haircut, which has remained relatively consistent over the years. The style features a fade on the sides, with a buzz cut and line up at the hairline.

Drake Cornrow Braids

Drake’s cornrow braids are a hairstyle he has only sported a few times. This particular style is best suited for afro hair types, and once created, it requires minimal maintenance.

Lover Boy Drake

A stylish and unique look characterized by a heart-shaped shaved pattern at the front of the hairline. The rest of the hair is usually kept short and faded, with a line-up creating a crisp and clean finish. This edgy and modern haircut is great for those wanting to make a statement with their hairstyle.

Drake Afro

The Drake Afro is a popular hairstyle that features natural, curly hair styled into a rounded shape. Drake has been seen sporting this hairstyle numerous times, and it’s a good option for those with curly or coiled hair. The low-maintenance style allows for a lot of versatility, as it can be worn at various lengths and with different fades or tapering on the sides.

Drake Waves With Fade

This look features short, wavy hair on top that gradually fades down to the skin on the sides and back of the head. It’s a low-maintenance style that can be achieved with a bit of product and some expertly executed barbering techniques. The Wave with Fade is a versatile look that can work on any occasion.

Wet Short Curly Afro

This is a wet-look short afro hairstyle that Drake is sporting in a pool. However, this hairstyle can be easily recreated with wet-look gel for a similar effect.

Drake Buzz Cut With Fade

This minimalistic style is a variation of the buzz cut inspired by military cuts. The hair is clipped short on the head and paired with a good fade on the sides and back, with the hair gradually shortening downward.

Classic Drake Haircut

The classic Drake haircut features a low fade on the sides and a short length on top styled with a side part. This timeless look has been a staple of Drake’s image over the years. It’s known for its versatility and simplicity. The style is easy to maintain and can be achieved with a comb, hair gel, and pair of clippers.

Drake Buzz Cut With Pattern

This variation of the buzz cut features a line or pattern shaved into the hair. The hair is cut short and styled with a fade on the sides, with a line or pattern shaved into the hair on top.

Drake With Long Hair

Drake has been seen with various long haircuts over the years, ranging from messy and curly to sleek and straight. One of his most iconic long hair looks was in 2018 when he sported long, curly hair. This style required regular maintenance and grooming to keep it looking smooth and shiny.

Looking To Get Drake’s Signature Short Haircut?

Drake often has a fade haircut blended with a buzz cut. Simply ask your hairstylist or barber to add a shaved line or pattern up your hairline to complete the iconic look.

How To Create Drake’s Beard Fade?

To achieve Drake’s beard fade, start by tapering your beard an inch above the jawline with blades set one level shorter than the rest of your beard. Gradually decrease the blade length and trim an inch towards your sideburns, moving up in one-inch increments until the sideburns blend smoothly with the side of your haircut.

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